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Strong for a Century. Strong for Tomorrow.

Dr. David Wright from Indiana Wesleyan University

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Student Learning Retention

The Use of Simulation to Improve Knowledge Retention in Junior-Level Bachelor of Science in Nursing Students in Studying Cerebral Vascular Accident explores whether simulation is successful in helping students with retention of key classroom material.

Debra Parker
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IWU Wesley Seminary

Learning “The Long Obedience” A Master of Divinity Portfolio for Wesley Seminary, Indiana Wesleyan University charts the author's growth and interaction with seminary coursework, largely from biblical, historical, practical and theological perspectives.

Jay Wise
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Followers’ Perceptions of the Pastor’s Servant Leadership and its Influence on the Congregants’ Ministries and Secular Work explores the level of organizational commitment of long-time congregants of the Word of Faith Church across secular and ministry work to gain an understanding of the motivating factors for their organizational commitment.

Melanie E. Beasley McLean